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Air recovery is a modern way of air ventilation and circulation aimed at maximum air cleanliness and freshness for your living space.

The Hevolta AirChange is a high-quality recovery system that always provides fresh air free from unwanted organisms, dust particles and odours from increased humidity thanks to a special 3-way filter.

What is heat recovery

Thanks to air recovery the outside air supply can be heated up with up to 90% efficiency.

Heat recovery means an energy recovery ventilation system. The Hevolta AirChange means that we can use the heat which would otherwise escape through windows to heat fresh air with up to 90% efficiency.

3-Way Filter

The outside air is filtered through a 3-way filter, which is a part of the heat recovery system.

The Hevolta AirChange system can save 40 to 50% of energy compared to ventilation.

Quality Components

  • Low noise
  • Quality by Japan
  • Extended lifespan
  • Strong power
  • Smooth run
  • Sound absorbtion and atenuation

Healthy Air-ventilation

How it works

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