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Heating by the latest Nano-infra technology brings pleasing warmth and comfort to your living space.

Thanks to healthy warmth, the system provides the user with the uppermost heating comfort, supported by quick start-up, smart temperature management, low operating costs and maintenance-free performance with the real lifetime up to 80 years.

Unique Fabric

A unique heating Nano fabric has completely different composition compared to other infrared heating films.

The special impregnated fabric is a unique mixture of graphene and graphite. Importance is paid to the heating system power supply realised through the specially interwoven cables to ensure longer lifetime compared to other infrared heating films.

Healthy Heating

Long wavelength radiation provides many natural sunlight health benefits.

This type of radiation is completely harmless and beneficial for all living organisms. The best evidence is the use of infrared radiation in neonatal units to maintain a newborns’ body temperature.

Lifetime NanoCloth

The breakthrough system of Nano-infrared fabric with real life of up to 80 years.

  • The fabric grid is embedded with a unique graphite-graphene mixture
  • Heating cables are interwoven into the fabric grid
  • The cable is the best connection for maximum lifetime, ensures durable electric connection compared with competing copper strips
  • The entire system is put into a double insulation layer
  • 30 year NanoCloth lifetime warranty

Operating costs

Comparison of costs with other conventional heating systems

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